Total Football Show


The Total Football Show provides a new and fresh approach to a football event.
There will be three events in 2012 and they all provide a unique opportunity for the industry and consumers alike, to benefit from a wide and relevant range of attractions, specifically chosen to suit the targeted audiences.
  • Stimulating, informative and exciting attractions that are relevant to both the industry and fans - not one at the expense of the other
  • Football products, seminars, conferences, skills demos, games and tournaments all at one venue
  • A comprehensive, interesting, interactive and educational world of football
  • Venues that are conveniently located, provide the ideal infrastructure and are football environments.
  • Football development and education – ensuring these Important aspects are at the heart of the event.
Clicking the banner to the left will give you access to the Total Football Show website in order to see all aspects of what will be available to you or your team on the days of the show.

NotJustScotiishFootball are pleased to be working in partnership with The Total Football Show and will be showcasing several of their features here in the run up to the show in March.

You will be able to visit us at Toryglen during the show to see exactly what we do and how we can help you showcase you team, your brand, your product.


We work in promoting lesser known sides in order to help build a profile and awareness for the teams involved to the benefit of all involved and as our name would suggest, we deal with soccer not just in Scotland.

For the purpose of the Total Football Show, we are working in partnership with the organisers to help promote the event but also have the opportunity to showcase our own company.

This is where where this discussion started and where we can help out with raising the profile of your club outwith your local area.

Although the show is in Scotland, we aim to build a presence for semi pro , youth and women's soccer from the U.S., in areas other than the ones local to you and have already achieved not only higher profiles abroad for our current clients but also in the local areas where press and media awareness can be heightened.

We already work with Galveston Pirate Soccer Club who will be joining the NPSL this coming season, ONELOVEFC- who are a community based soccer lifestyle programme throughout the west coast of the U.S and also with my local professional soccer club Ayr United's soccer academy who deal with over 200'000 kids a year.

We have also built a relationship bridge to Mexican Primera Apertura side Queretaro Gallos Blancos who have been kind enough to grant us media access when they play home matches. Again, this has been built in the hope that we can raise their profile in Europe to some extent and although in the early stages of partnership, this looks like a promising venture. 

Your club is exactly who we want to work with on this project and we hope that a long term partnership can be formed from this.

We can also work in all forms of PR/media communications, press & feature writing, social media officer, webmaster for site and blog for your club if that would be of benefit to you.

For the purpose of the TotalFootballShow, we would ask for permission to  use team logos, club information and contact details to begin with so we can build a profile for your club to showcase in our display.

If your club already have a promotional video, that would be even better as we could use that as a message board for your club.

We will be printing leaflets and flyers to hand out as well so if an original logo jpeg or bitmap is available, that would be appreciated as the print quality would be so much better.

What we ask in return is for any promotional material you may have spare; t shirts, pens, caps or small banners or posters - simply for display purposes to enhance your profile. 

The work we will be doing at this event is free to you as we are also trying to build a profile of our own company outwith our immediate area with the U.S market being our target.

We would also ask that our profile logo is placed somewhere on your website with a link back to us simply to grow our profile.

If this sounds like something you may still be interested in, please email me back so we can progress with the initial setup.

Please take the time to check out our existing partners here

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Kind Regards
Marc Roseblade