Soccer Texas: Texas Dutch Lions Player Signs Contract with Dutch...

Texas Dutch Lions Player Signs Contract with Dutch Eredivisie side RKC

The Texas Dutch Lions announced this week that former player Furghill Zeldenrust has signed a playing contract with Dutch Eredivisie Club RKC Waalwijk. 

The Dutch Eredivisie side finished 9th in last season divisional standings where the league is the top division in the country.

Ajax, Rotterdam, PSV Eindhoven, FC Twente and Feyenoord are just a few of the competing teams and have produced players of the calibre of Robin van Persie, Huntelaar, Van der Vaart, Van Bommel, Sneijder and Robben who are all competing at the top levels of soccer in Europe at the moment.

The news is a great achievement not only for the player but also the Houston based club whose youth development setup programme is aimed at exactly this type of player advancement

The Lions scouted the player from Zwaluwen in Rotterdam and played one season for the Houston side, playing 14 matches, scoring 6 goals with 3 assists during his playing time at the club.

The player was spotted by the Club RKC Waalwijk second team coach who was on a working visit with the Texas club during the summer, and asked the player to return to the Netherlands in order for his club to take another look at him back in his homeland.

In a trial match, Furghill Zeldenrust played as a left sided attacker against the 1st division Club FC Den Bosch and his strong skills and active game play were noticed almost instantly as after only one week of training with the RKC Waalwijk soccer team, it resulted in the unique opportunity to sign a contract with the team for one year.

Zeldenrust’s last game in the United States before returning home was on July 14th, 2012 with the Texas Dutch Lions Premier Development League against the West Texas Sockers and less than two weeks later, he made the move to the Dutch Eredivisie to play for the year, a quite astonishing accomplishment!

Texas Dutch Lions coach Marco Pruis told us: "The Texas Dutch Lions FC want to thank Furghill Zeldenrust for his contribution on the field in this last PDL season, as well as lots of play time, and all the best in the Eredivisie at RKC Waalwijk!"

If inspiration was needed for any young players looking to further their career, this story should be keep close to their thoughts.

Well done to the Lions on helping to further the youngsters career and also for spotting the player in the first place and developing him into a position that this sort of advancement can take place.

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Soccer Texas: Texas Dutch Lions Player Signs Contract with Dutch Eredivisie Side

You can follow Soccer Texas on Twitter @soccer_texas