Rangers FC Face Crucial Days Ahead

Rangers live another day, but only the one!

The SFL group of 30 chairmen met at Hampden Park early on Tuesday morning and as expected, no decision was made on where and which level Rangers FC (newco) would participate this coming season should they be dumped from the SPL as expected.

According to most SFL chairmen leaving the 6 hour meeting, a lot of information was passed to them to look over and take in before a decision can be made.

The main point that was concluded from Tuesday's meeting was the voting structure for such an event. It was made clear that a simple majority of the votes would suffice to implement any decision about which division Rangers FC (newco) would play in should their SPL registration transfer be rejected by the SPL chairmen on Wednesday as expected.

Eight SPL clubs have already made their stance clear in regards to Rangers being relegated and with a 8-4 majority required in favour of Rangers being allowed to stay in the SPL, things are not looking rosy for the Ibrox side.

Should Rangers be relegated from the SPL, the chairmen also have the decision of who to allow in to fill the void with Dundee looking favourites after finishing second in the league but relegated Dunfermline are sure to have their say in the final decision, stating that if Rangers are relegated, no other side should suffer that indignity as well.

After these decisions are made in the morning, the SFL had scheduled another meeting for next Thursday 12th July to decide on the ultimate fate of where Rangers FC (newco) will play the season 2012-13 football season.

As one SFL chairman said,"We are the Sheriffs and the roadsweepers, clearing up the mess that others have made."

I'm pretty sure this was aimed at the SPL for their indecision over the whole event and who could blame them for this targeted attack?

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