Rangers Fined by UEFA

It appears that UEFA have been shortsighted when issuing discipline towards Rangers after their alleged discriminatory behaviour during their matches with PSV this season.
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The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body has confirmed the following sanctions against Rangers FC after the two legs of their UEFA Europa League round of 16 tie against PSV Eindhoven.

Following a charge of  at the first leg away to PSV on 10 March, Rangers have been fined €40,000. The club is also restricted from selling any tickets to its supporters for two away matches in UEFA club competition (with the respective home clubs also not authorised to sell tickets to Rangers supporters). 

This ban applies to Rangers' next away match and is suspended for the second away match for a probationary period of three years.

The Control and Disciplinary Body also fined the Scottish club a further €40,000 for discriminatory behaviour at the second leg in Glasgow on 17 March, and ordered Rangers to play their next home UEFA club competition match behind closed doors. However, this sanction is deferred for a probationary period of three years.

An appeal by the club must be made within three days of the dispatch of the reasoned decision.

Now if UEFA feel that the Rangers supporters have behaved so badly why are their opposition being penalised as well with the ban on selling tickets to the Glasgow side?

Have UEFA visited grounds in Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Spain and other european footballing nations? The behaviour is well documented in these countries yet they seem to behave in any manner they want without stupified policing from UEFA.

Also UEFA have been vocal in the fact that it was an independant 'Consultant' who was on his first visit to a Rangers match and without consultation, decided that the singing involved was sectarian in action.

Level this against some of the activities and behaviour that other clubs in Europe have within their stadiums and the Rangers songs pale into insignificance.

The Rangers songs have to stop, no question, there is no place for sectarian words in the modern world but you have to ask, is UEFA placing its priorities in the right place? Are Rangers being made and example of?

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