'God' Messi Wreaks Havoc on Real Champions League Dreams (match highlights)

Lionel Messi is god, pure and simple!

by Marc Roseblade

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In a bad tempered affair, one man stood head and shoulders above the rest, one man constantly proves to be a thorn in the side of Real Madrid's side, one man proves why he's the best on the planet.

Lionel Messi.

You wouldn't believe that one man in a team of superstars would stand out as much as he does but the consistently top drawer performances that he brings week in week out for Barcelona entitles him to the kudos that he receives around the world from every fan and news agency.

Tonights Champions League semi-final against Spanish rivals Real Madrid was an opportunity for the diminutive Argentine to get revenge on the team that won the Copa del Rey last week and what a way to stick it to his rivals.

In a superb show of footballing skill, the maestro proved to be the matchwinner for the catalan giants once again with a second half double that must have sunk the very heart of opposition manger, the self proclaimed 'Special one', Jose Mourinho.

The first of his goals came in the 76th minute from close on goal and doubled the goal tally with only three minutes remaining with a trademark Messi run through a group of defenders before finding the back of the net.

The win leaves the Catalans with one foot in the Wembley final next month but if history tells us anything, Mourinho and Real will not go easily, things sure are about to get interesting.

52 goals have now been scored by Messi in all competition, 10 more than Ronaldo's 2007/08 total whilst with Manchester United in 2007/08.

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