It's Pirate Time!

Galveston Pirate SC head off on their travels again this Sunday 10th, this time shipping themselves off to play Texas Lonestrikers at the Expo Soccer Complex in Nacogdoches, TX.

In the Lonestrikers first match they struggled to find much form, losing 7-0 to the Pirates rivals, Regals FC but chances are they won't be the same team as last week with the Pirates in for much more of a battle.

As a team gesture, Pirate coach Brendan Keyes offered to make Sundays match a friendly to allow the Lonestrikers more time to prepare as last weeks 7 nil defeat could have been a sign of the unpreparedness of the Lonestrikers side but the kind offer was declined by the coach.

Coach Keyes said 'We start this new season with three games on the road which is a tough task for anyone. We won last week against Corpus Christi and go to Nacogdoches this week gunning for the win. Last weeks result for our hosts may have been a fluke and we will not take it for granted that we will win but another three points is out goal which will put us top of the league.'

We also spoke to captain Roy Hernandez who will feature on a regular basis with quips and comments from the training ground and match preveiws.


So Roy, give us a quick insight into this seasons competition:

I think this season is going to go real good for us. We started out with a bang last week and I think it will only get better. Personally, I'm hoping to keep putting the ball behind the net like I did last week and continue working hard for my teammates. 

Who are the competition this year?

Honestly, I'm not too interested in what the other teams have nor how there games are going because as we know, every game is different and whoever comes more prepared is going to win, so in effect I think our biggest threat would have to be ourselves because only we can control our outcomes. 

Hows the team looking so far in training?

In my opinion, every player in our team brings something different to the table and if they all play the way we train, we can all flourish. 

Any players in the opponents teams we should know about?

Yea I have a couple of friends playing in various teams but nothing for us to worry about (ha ha you know who you are!).

Best advice for the younger players:

I think teams who focus too much on their opponents, usually come into the game too scared or worried about what the other team will do instead of just playing their game and many times that's what kills a team. 

Any Inspirational words?

We are ready and I'm prepared to take my team to victory everytime we step into the field. 

Thanks Roy for the insight, we'll be back next week with more.

Sundays match takes place at 3pm local time at
Expo Soccer Complex in Nacogdoches, TX

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