Galveston Pirate SC Coach Keyes Talks Up His Teams Chances

Friday night Football is nearly upon us, Pirates v Regals.

The Houston Cup is up for grabs on Friday Night and Galveston Coach Brendan Keyes was kind enough to spare a few moments of his time to give us a quick interview.

We asked coach Keyes how they had fared in previous matches against fellow finalists, Regals FC. "We have played them twice before and they beat us both times. The first time we played them they beat us 3-1 and the second time 5-1 so a bit of a hammering, but we had my back up goalkeeper in both games and he is 16 and still a lot of growing and learning to do. When we played them the first time it was only our fourth game in Pirate History and the 2nd time was the eighth game in our history.

Continuing on he said "I feel like we have come a long way and we have signed some new players with a couple coming from the Regals but they have also taken four players from us. Their best player is our former midfielder Luis Liscero."

Like all coaches, Brendan is keen to learn from previous matches and has clearly studied the past matches with Regals fairly closely. Talking about these games he said "The first game they beat us, could have went either way. We hit the post and cross bar five times and on another day we could have won."

Not one to beat about the bush, he spoke about the second time they matched up against each other, "They just killed us the second match, there can be no excuses. They played very well and took their chances. We were up one nil up but they got a penalty right before the first half ended and scored to make it 1-1. My guys felt they should have had a penalty moments before that and the Regals shouldn't have gotten theirs. It clearly wasn't a penalty but hey it happens in football."

On how they will prepare on Friday for the big match,  Coach Keyes stated "We will head up early, have dinner together as a team and then go kick their ass."

That's fighting talk where I come from Brendan.

Anyway, he continued "We will win this one, just looking at the last three games we have played, the teams have been big and strong but we didn't concede any goals but scored 11 so I sincerely believe I know how to beat the Regals this time around."

Hopefully be third time lucky for Irishman Brendan. Luck of the Irish, that's what he needs to take with him.

Coach Keyes finished off by giving a prediction "My prediction is 2-0 for Pirate SC with The Houston Cup coming to Galveston County. The other games don't matter, they were preseason and this game has silverware on the line with boys and me intent on taking it home with us. We seem to be peaking at the right time and I believe in these guys and they believe in me."

The Galveston Pirate SC has built up a small following in Scotland recently and I am not alone in wishing Brendan and his team well on Friday night.

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