Dying Bravely, a Storyboard of USA World Cup Soccer

There is a you tube video that doing the rounds at the moment and its a work of class.

Showing the USA's bad luck with refs, the passion of the fans and players and their unwillingness to give up, right to the end, every fan everywhere should should connect with this video.

I, for one, could replace the Star Spangled Banner with a Saint Andrews, remembering every kick, every bad decision a ref has made, every post or crossbar we have hit, in my time as a Scotland fan, in my case though, with Scotland, its called glorious failure.

Watch it with pride and hold your heads up high USA fans, your team are no longer minnows, you guys have a superb team with a superb fanbase and deserve all the plaudits your team has received.


This video is the work of EliteStr1ker.

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